Managing post-concussion syndrome

When will this end?

Concussions most often heal in three weeks, with little or no impact on our overall functioning. Sometimes, though, longer-term symptoms make it challenging to work and navigate everyday activities for months afterward.

fatigue & sleep issues

It can take longer to fall asleep and be harder to sleep through the night.

A poor night’s sleep can have a dramatic impact on your functioning the following day.

Daytime sleepiness can interfere with work, school and relationships.

concentration & memory

It can be more challenging to focus your attention and hold things in your working memory.

Sometimes even to follow simple instructions.

Planning and problem solving can feel more complicated.

Sensory issues

The bright light from screens and artificial light can feel like too much.

Loud or abrupt sounds, strong smells and even tastes can feel overwhelming.

Crowds and a lot of stimulation can be exhausting.

EmotionS & mental health

Often there are higher levels of irritability, quicker trigger reactions, more tears and angry outbursts.

It can be easier to get upset and hard to calm down.

Relationships can suffer.

We can help you help your brain to heal