ADHD in couples & Relationships

Unmet needs, intense emotions, and feeling misunderstood and unloved are too common in relationships where one or both partners have ADHD. How do you set your relationship up for success?

Parenting & adhd families

ADHD often shows up in more than one member in a family. Whether it you, your child, or your spouse… or all of you, ADHD can make family life more challenging. What can you do to make it easier for everyone?

ADHD & work, school or university

Regardless of how smart you are, differences in executive functioning make managing the demands of work, school or university more complicated. What do you need to thrive in challenging environments?

Living with Adult ADHD

The ADHD brain can be a beacon of ideas. It can make connections and see possibilities at impressive speed. However, we live in a world with linear-thinking expectations like good time management, which can be really challenging for the ADHD brain.

So, what can you do?


The more you know about how your ADHD brain works, the better you can set yourself up for success. See our resources page for some of our favorite websites, books and videos. 

be proactive

Change your environment and put strategies in place that support the way your ADHD brain manages information, learns and interacts with sensory input. 

talk with others

There are a lot of folks with all versions of ADHD living highly successful, happy lives. When we share life hacks, strategies, tools and common pitfalls with each other, we can make everyone’s lives a little easier to manage. 

learn more

You think you have it all figured out and then something changes, like you get a new job, take on a new responsibility, or enter a new relationship. That’s when it often starts to get hard again. It’s time to learn more!

Learn more about managing your ADHD brain